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The Artist Studio

With a keen interest in the development of up-and-coming talent, Maison Natan founded the Artist Studio to cultivate sources of inspiration and promote new perspectives on the Belgian creative scene. These initiatives are in keeping with the values of the House’s identity: passion, creativity, and know-how. The selected artists exhibit their work, designed especially for the occasion, on the first floor of the Rue de Namur boutique, which regularly opens its doors as a pop-up gallery.


Internationally renowned artist Jurgen Ots was the artist behind this edition. In addition to Maison Natan, his work has been displayed at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and features in collections including Rotschield and Marina Fossati.

To create his 'Periaqueductal Grey' series, Jurgen Ots made use of vintage projector screens from various periods and origins acquired in second-hand shops. He then cut them into strips and arranged them on a wooden structure to fashion a reflection on time and technology. For the artist, this unusual material makes reference to a time when we were not yet aware of the importance that screens would go on to hold in our lives. His humanistic and visionary approach gathers spectators in front of screens, but this time to an artistic end.

This particular work of art was conceived in three weeks at the Artist Studio. After the exhibition, the House acquired it for its permanent collection.

Denis Meyers x NATAN

The very first edition of the Artist Studio was a collaboration between Natan and graffiti artist Denis Meyers. His interpretation of the iconic Natan handbag was sold for €3,000 during an exclusive event at the Knokke store. Profits were donated to the ‘Laly Foundation’, a charitable organisation that supports children suffering from head traumas.

Dennis Meyers X NATAN

Piatti x NATAN

Pablo Piatti is known for his custom-made frescos and fabric design. His paintings are the fruit of a complex and poetic universe of music and literature, and above all, they are the result of keen observation and passionate attention to nature. Maison Natan has invited the artist to paint hand-made couture pieces for a new oriental capsule collection.

Furthermore, the walls of our Brussels couture boutique and Antwerp ready-to-wear store have been embellished with his elegant flower and leaf drawings.

Piatti X NATAN
Margaux Baert

Margaux Baert x NATAN

Belgian artist Margaux Baert always has been fascinated with drawing and loves bringing her sketches to life by making them three-dimensional. She does this by exploring different creative techniques to work with paper and wire. Her creations are like poetic and complicated lace and refined, delicate works of art. She describes her art as "an atmosphere, a promise of travel and poetry. To give the observer a magical experience, an unforgettable memory."

This majestic parrot is a paper sculpture made in the tones of Natan's collection.