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Natan Collective

Mindful of its commitment to encouraging new talent and passing on its expertise, Natan initiated a new adventure with the ‘NATAN Collective’ in 2017, supporting emerging artisanal Belgian brands. To this end, Edouard Vermeulen opens up the first floor of the Rue de Namur boutique, providing visibility in a dedicated space for a select group of creative entrepreneurs. Three Belgian editions have already showcased an array of initiatives that have since flourished, and a fourth has been launched in 2020 in the Netherlands.

Part I

The House embarked upon a creative and innovative collaboration with four promising young Belgian designers who have since enjoyed great success: Façon Jacmin, Valentine Witmeur, Goia Seghers, and Dcembre, combining their visions to create a capsule collection that was unveiled and marketed under the NATAN label.

Part II

For an eclectic collaboration exploring an original spectrum of jewellery and accessories, five Belgian designers had the opportunity to exhibit their unique collections, characterised by a bold identity with touches of naturalism and surrealism: Espèces, Christa Reniers, Wouters & Hendrix, Joy and Axelle Delhaye.

Part III

This time round, young Belgian photographers were in the spotlight. Seven talented artists were selected by Edouard Vermeulen to illustrate their own unique take on a singular couture piece, each of which then featured in a month-long exhibit.

Part IV

In collaboration with the "Initials L.A." agency, six talented Dutch photographers: Lisette Appeldorn, Debbie Trouerbach, Myrthe Giesbers, Alexander Sporre, Chloe Leenheer and Tarona, were selected to interpret the same Natan Couture piece each in their own unique way. Their photographs were exhibited in X Bank, Amsterdam.